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PNA Lodge 513

Building Community

We invite you to become familiar with our history and pride! Since 1900, the PNA Lodge 513 has served and supported the Polish community and is just as active as ever. Our park is perfect for club meetings and events, as well as renting for personal parties. Find out more about our rich history below.

About PNA Lodge 513

The Polish National Alliance Lodge 513 in Wallingford, CT was founded April 13, 1900. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing people of Polish and Slavic heritage together for mutual aid, support, and camaraderie. We strive to preserve, foster, and continue our proud Polish traditions throughout our community and beyond. PNA Lodge 513 members pride themselves on being an extended family. This family pledges their spirit and efforts to preserve and improve the lodge for its future family members.

Our Facility

In 1932, PNA Lodge 513 purchased 24 acres of land on North Plains Industrial Road, known then as Paden Park. Soon afterwards, it was renamed the Polish National Alliance Park. Then, the Polish community not only built a pavilion for dancing and parties, but also cleaned and developed the property and the pond. Our PNA Park facility has been the scene of picnics, polka dances, festivals, non-profit/fundraising events, sports extravaganzas and much more.
PNA Officers
PNA Lodge 513

Our Officers

Seated (L to R) Edward Zolkiewicz, Financial Secretary * John Zielinski, 2nd VP * Edward Zavaski, President * Diane Marcantonio, 1st VP

Standing (L to R) Alex Penczynzyn, Bar Trustee * Richard Holda, Recording Secretary * Maja Laska, Treasurer * Elizabeth Lechowicz, Bar Trustee * Andrew Czerniewski, Book Trustee * John Perkowski, Book Trustee

Our History

PNA Logo

PNA Wallingford CT Favicon

The PNA logo is a relic from the January 1863 uprising of Poland against Russia. Designed by the Revolutionary Government, the emblem is a reminder that the Royal Republic of Poland was a commonwealth of three nations who shared the history of the state.

The white eagle on the red shield represents crown lands, or Poland proper. The white knight on the blue shield, known as Pogon, was the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Michael the Archangel symbolized the Duchy of Ruthenia.

The January uprising failed, but member of the revolution, Agaton Giller, inspired the founding of the Polish National Alliance. The founders then adopted this symbol for its fraternal emblem.

The shaking hands symbolize PNA fraternalism.

Giving Back

During World War I and II, the club took part in the national war effort. Clothing and funds were collected for the relief of war victims. In March 1971, the lodge announced the beginning of a scholarship fund for deserving high school graduates desiring to further their education. In its first year three scholarships were awarded for a total of $700. 40 years later, Lodge 513 has grown substantially, but has not lost sight of its values and continues to aid worthy students in need of financial assistance. Additionally, the club has sponsored numerous sport teams over the years. Today, Lodge 513 sponsors recreational softball.

Social Activities

Our lodge has also taken pride in being a center for social activities. We have sponsored the traditional Swieconka dinner, the Annual Family Picnic, Harvest Dinner & Dance, the Annual Children’s Christmas Party, National Polish Heritage month in October, Sweetheart Dance in February, St. Patrick’s Dinner in March, and a New Year’s Eve celebration. Also, other local organizations have turned to our PNA club to celebrate their Polish Pride.
Community Businesses

Our Sponsors

Helping others is such an important part of our way of life, so we coudn’t be any happier when our sponsors decided to give us a hand! Please take the time to visit their websites, as you may find yourself needing one or more of their services in the near future. Without them, our website wouldn’t be everything that it is today!